Erzberg Railway

The Erzberg Railway, which is without doubt one of the most beautiful railway routes in the country, was opened as a Cogwheel Railway in September 1891 and was operated with steam trains until 1978. What makes it even more attractive is the fact that it is also the steepest standard gauge railway in Austria.

Railway enthusiasts from all over the world know the Erzberg Railway from the times when it was still used to transport iron ore under the hardest conditions from the Styrian Erzberg mountain to the blast furnaces in Vordernberg and Leoben-Donawitz.

When the railway was no longer needed for this purpose, the Austrian Federal Railways ceased its operation in 1988 and leased it to the Erzberg Railway Association two years later to be used as a museum railway. In 2003, the association bought the railway, including the railway depot Vordernberg and the Erzberg train station. Up until now, the blue railcars class 5081.500 have been running from Vordernberg via the Präbichl pass to Eisenerz, offering their passengers an impressing mountain scenery on the journey.

And up you go…
The route of the Erzberg railway is indeed unique. The railway winds its way through the Erzberg mountain crossing six brick-built viaducts which are up to 970 feet high and 3,550 feet long, five tunnels with a total length of 75,850 feet, overcoming gradients of up to 71‰, high above the roofs of the villages and far away from public roads. The train also passes the highest train station in Styria, the Präbichl station, located at 36,530 feet above sea level as well as the Ramsau Gorge near Eisenerz. When travelling in the railcar you can take in breath-taking views of the Erzberg mountain, the Erzberg Alps and the Northern Limestone Alps.

The distinctive landscape and the longstanding tradition of iron mining and processing are characteristic for the region around the Erzberg. The century-long interplay between nature and technology has formed a region which is second to none in offering adventure travels as well as recreational activities. The Erzberg Railway is the perfect beginning of your personal discovery expedition!

All member of the Erzberg Railway team are technically skilled but more important they are voluntary workers. The revenue is used exclusively for the preservation and maintenance of the tracks and the railcars. New members or voluntary workers are always warmly welcomed! Please contact us for more information.